Why should I exercise outside?

Although we live in a hot and humid country, Singapore is the perfect place to get outside and exercise! Summer all year round and lots of choice in outdoor space and activities. So, get out of that gym and into the sunlight – here are 5 good reasons to exercise outside.

Whether you are cycling, running or doing cross-fit, ‘green exercise” has been proven to have amazing benefits for your body as well as your mind.


1. Burn it off

Of course, indoor exercise can take care of the calories, but did you know that your mobility and speed without the help of a treadmill or gymbike, is a lot better and will make you’ll burn off more? Also, the terrain, wind and obstacles you can find outdoors will give you more resistence and make those calories evaporate much faster into the air that you’re breathing outside. Also, if you’re not that into running or other strenious exercise, an hour brisk walk can reduce your genetic tendency to obesity by half, a Harward study of 12.000 people has proved.

2. Sunshine vitamin

Getting that vitamin D from the sun, is vital want to improve your quality in sleep, strengthen your bones and improve your overall immune system. Some studies also show that a lack of vitamin D can cause asthma and allergies with children, so why not get them out and exercise in the sun with you?

3. Mental exercise

Exercising outside isn’t just good for your physqie, but has proven to be great for the mind as well. When it’s you and not the treadmill that is telling you to push harder, your mind naturaly increases its strength and will power. A Scottish healthy survey from 2008 also suggested that there was a 50% improvement in mental health if you do workout outdoor rather than in a gym session.

4. Positve energy

Breathing in fresh oxygen is great for the production of dopamine and serotonin. These enzymes boost your mood, your ability to deal with stress and your self-esteem. Another positive that studies show, is that if you’ve done green exercise once, you’re likely to do it again. One reason being, that if you work out as a group (ie. bootcamp), the meeting with like-minded people will make you more apt to return and add to the positive state of mind.

5.  Convenience

Whether you’re on holiday or at home, exercising outdoors is often more convenient, because you’re not dependent on getting to a certain location and using gym equipment. Another added bonsus, is that with most outdoor activities, it’s free!


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