1-1 Consultations, Workshops & Talks with founder Mathilde Moyell

Hi there, and thanks for reading about this great news! As you might already know, I’m a passionate health and sustainability junkie and created orgayana with the purpose of guiding people to understand how we can help our planet by putting ourselves first. I’m certified in Nutrition and Ayurveda as well as a Certified Green School Green Educator, ICI Neuro Coach, and Aligned Yoga Teacher. I have done many talks and workshops in the past, but now also ready to invite you to sessions individually!  

At orgayana we have always used the six pillars: mind, eat, active, skin, home, and planet, and in the 1-1 coaching and consulting we are now using them as the elements for you to create your own green lifestyle wheel! You can choose just to work with the mental and physical aspects of your life (mind, eat & active) or take the full spin on the wheel – all the way to saving our mama planet! (wear, home & planet). No matter what you choose, my advice is to start with the mind. Imagine a pile of pebbles or the foundation of a house – we can’t build until the base pebble or foundation of the house is solid. Think of your mind as this base – this foundation needs to be robust and balanced for you to take other steps in nutrition, exercise, or sustainable choices. 

With Green lifestyle for beginners, we work “inside out”: by working with the mind, the organs, the muscles, the skin, and by looking at our surroundings.  We do this by coaching and training our minds, looking at our diet, personalizing our movement, trying out what’s better for the skin, as well as using greener steps in our home, surroundings, and on our planet in general.

All the pillars on the wheel – or slices if you wish – are in constant interaction. If you make changes to your physical health, it will influence your mental health – if you change your skincare routine – it can positively impact the health of our planet, etc., etc.

Again, it’s up to you where you see your needs – you might be a nutrition expert and would like to know more about sustainable steps – or you might want to learn how to detoxify your home, so you can get more peace in your mind. Everything is possible – and as your neuro coach and mind trainer, we can easily work out what works best for you – together.

  • In my coaching sessions, you have the answers and I ask the questions. Often this is the best way for you to truly reach your personal goal. Being a certified ICI Neuro Coach, I implement the relevant tools into the session, for you to quickly move forward and take the necessary steps.
  • In my consulting sessions – I will guide you on your health and sustainability journey. With certifications in mind training, nutrition, yoga, skincare, detoxing/decluttering, sustainability, and Ayurveda, I will provide you with the tools and recipes to move forward in your relevant areas.
  • In my talks and workshops, I go into depth with my topics of passion and expertise within areas of mind, food, movement, home & planet. All can be customized to your needs, whether you’re a company or a group that’d like to know more. Depending on the request, I work alone or with partners and can work online or at your choice of place. Feel free to email or book a call and we can talk further.
    [email protected]



ICI Certified Coach
w. Mitzi Svenstrup, Empowermind, Denmark

Ayurvedic Health and Lifestyle Consultant 
w. Maria Juhl, Nordic Ayurveda, Denmark

Certified Neurocoach and Mind Trainer
w. Jørgen Svenstrup, Empowermind, Denmark

Certified in Anti-inflammatory & Intelligent Food
w. Louise Bruun, Louise Bruun’s Academy, Denmark

Certified Yoga Teacher Trainer (200 hr)
w. Briohny Smyth, Aligned Yoga, USA

Skincare Herbalism Course
w. Militza Maury, Little Green Dot Herb House, USA

Go Low Tox Course
w. Alexx Stuart, Low Tox Life, Australia

Green Educator
w. Green Educator Course Team, Green School, Bali Indonesia

And also….:

Mini-MBA (IME, Singapore)
MA in Journalism & English (Roskilde University, Denmark)
BA (Hons) Communication & Media and Cultural Studies (Middlesex University, UK)

Shorter courses: Reiki 1 Healing w. Hanne Fritzbøger, Pranayama Breathing w. Yoga Mudra & Permaculture Course w. Kul Kul Farm.

Founder of – your guide to a green lifestyle. Keynote speaker on how to live a sustainable lifestyle, ‘how to declutter your home’, and ‘saving the plastic ocean’ (kids). Speaker and moderator on panels with topics such as ‘what is natural skincare´, ‘natural ways to kids’ health’, ‘stress and anxiety in children, and ‘how to restore hormonal imbalance’. Hosted numerous workshops for kids – bootcamp, yoga, mindfulness, healthy cooking, and nature crafts.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if any questions and find more info on personal data and cancellation policies here: ABOUT-US


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